Fish fauna

Conservation projects and the fish fauna recovery center

CESTHA is the first recovery center for fish fauna on the national territory.
Thanks to a close collaboration with fish operators, a pattern of unique relationship in this sector, it takes care of recovering the greatest part of the species considered as "waste" or by-catches, first taking them to special treatment and rehabilitation tanks and then returning them to the sea, after specific studies and "marking" activities.
Special attention is paid to rare and endangered species, such as sharks, rays and stingrays, that are caught by different types of fishing and are almost always in critical conditions.
For their greater protection CESTHA adheres to the Tracking Sharks for Conservation plan, managed by the University of Padua.
Moreover, even all the minor marine biodiversity is subjected to protection, with activities ranging from seahorses, lobsters and cuttlefish eggs, to programs for monitoring alien species, such as the American blue crab (Callinectes sapidus).